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Two-Faced Lovers

YOU! yes U!, u r a girl who have been in love with ur childhood friend, and u r about to confess ur feelings for him,but guess what?! something is wrong, Ur beloved friend have decided to be gay!!! and is about to find a guy! what would u do?....give WAR!! because LOVE IS WAR D< and u will fight for him!!! YOU! yes U!, u r a new cute boy at school, who aparantly a guy have fallen in love with u, but u try to stay away from him, so he doesn't descover ur most deepest secret, but guess what? u are begining to have feelings for him and u feel like someone hates u, what will u do? ...D: ummm...war?...idk >A<;;;



I will stop doing this Two-Faced Lovers..too lazy and too busy
but i will keep continue doing Mechanical Love
thanxx for ur suppport ¡u¡

posted by Hitsuzen182 @ February 10th, 2011, 10:05 am  -  0 comments

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